FIO PARTNERS is your partner in decision making.  Through customized consulting and training, we will guide your organization through an information-rich process to support your organization’s leadership in making strategic, and sometimes, difficult decisions.  It would be an honor to work with your nonprofit organization to increase your ability to create positive change.

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Forging Nonprofit Alliances

Forging Nonprofits Alliances was the first book ever written for nonprofit leaders exploring the various options for consolidation. The book shows how, by joining forces, nonprofits can use consolidation as a strategic tool to enhance, rather than undermine, mission. It explores joint ventures, management service organizations, parent corporations and mergers and contains valuable tools and advice to support the negotiating process from choice of partners to creation of definitive agreements. read more

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Read the Instructions First: The importance of a Board Manual

July 07, 2014

Valerie describes the importance of your Board’s operation manual and why they are critical for their success. read more

Client Examples

Merging to Consolidate Services

Two library service organizations merge due to economic pressures.

Alliances Offer Contiuum of Care

An organization joined a larger parent cooperation to offer a continuum of care to the elderly.

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Organizational Climate Survey

How do you assess the climate of your organization?  How do you measure the quality of your supervisory staff?  Which pockets of your organization may be troubled?  Are you looking for a climate survey for nonprofit organizations?

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Sample By Laws for Parent and Subsidiary

Sample bylaws that show how the relationship between a subsidiary nonprofit organization and nonprofit parent corporation are structured.

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We believe that each of our clients is in the process of becoming better than they are: more vibrant, more capable, more powerful, more able to bring about positive change in society. Read more…

The experience of working with Fio Partners was excellent. We learned so much about our organization and the perception of us in the community that we serve. Fio Partners made it possible for us to develop a thoughtful and extremely valuable strategic plan to guide us in the coming years." Andy McKirdy, President, James Blackstone Memorial Library Branford, CT